Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before signing up or making a transaction. EXCARD CORPORATION SDN BHD (hereon referred to as "XPRINT") reserves the right to amend these member privilege plan terms and conditions anytime, with or without prior notice to dealer (hereon referred to as "XPRINT DEALER"). As an XPRINT DEALER, it is your responsibility to know and periodically update yourself on these terms and conditions so as to fully understand your dealer rights and privileges.

xPrint dealers may participate in "Member Privilege Plan".

Member Privilege Plan Discount only applies to amounts of RM1,000 or more, RM3,000 or more or RM10,000 or more in a single reload.

The Member Privilege Plan Discount level of Dealer's next reload amount will also apply to any balance in xPrint Dealer's account.


Top-up RM10,000 or more and qualify for a "Gold Member" discount level. After purchase printing product which valued RM7,000.00, the balance of RM3,000 will still applicable for "Gold Member" discount.

However, if the next reload is RM 1,000.00 and the Member Privilege Plan Discount level will change from "Gold Member" to "Bronze Member", the new balance of RM 4,000.00 (RM 3,000.00 [previous balance] + RM 1,000.00 [new reload]) will entitle for "Bronze Member" discount only.

Once reload is approved, the applicable Member Privilege Plan Discount level will be automatically applied to the stated purchases.

In scenario that if Member Privilege Plan Discount on going with other Promotion, Discount will be applied to whichever result in higher discount amount.

Member Privilege Plan Discount Level expires when dealer balance is RM 0.00 or when a new amount is reloaded.

xPrint dealers are not allow to withdraw any amount from their account balance. Member Privilege Plan Discount will be forfeited automatically upon termination of membership from xPrint Member Account.

(Last update: 1st August 2019)

© Copyright XPRINT. All rights reserved.

© Copyright XPRINT. All rights reserved.