xPrint use EFI Colorproof XF which is a professional-level RIP that manage color in a new dimension by providing xPrint with all the tools to produce the best color possible and to master any proofing or printing task, including producing ISO 12647-7 / 8 compliant validation printing and contract proofing.

epson proofer with efi colorproof xf

xprint intergrated efi colorproof xf with epson proof printing system in order to provide color consistency for all jobs. xprint always performs regular checking of print results and calibrates epson proof printing system for color quality.

agfa ctp platesetter

xprint outputs all ctp plates by using agfa ctp platesetter. with ctp plate, xprint can produce more plate in less time, more consistently, increase image sharpness and detail, as well as eliminate the possibility of misregistration.

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