product specification
printing full color (4C) + white base
print side single
print direction face out / face in / both side
actual size 89mm x 54mm
110mm x 90mm
165mm x 90mm
220mm x 90mm
170mm x 130mm
420mm x 104mm
75mm x 75mm
100mm x 100mm
120mm x 115mm
445mm x 310mm

actual image size 79mm x 44mm
100mm x 80mm
155mm x 80mm
210mm x 80mm
160mm x 120mm
410mm x 94mm
65mm x 65mm
90mm x 90mm
110mm x 105mm
435mm x 300mm

material static cling

quantity 100pcs / 200pcs / 300pcs / 400pcs / 500pcs / 600pcs / 700pcs / 800pcs / 900pcs / 1,000pcs / 1,500pcs / 2,000pcs / 3,000pcs / 4,000pcs / 5,000pcs

finishing Variable Data Printing (VDP):
  • Numbering

file format (.ai)   (.pdf)   (.cdr)
process duration 4 working days
cut-off time 3:00 p.m.

  1. For the print direction:
    • Face Out: The car sticker artwork is viewed from outside of the car
    • Face In: The car sticker artwork is viewed from inside of the car
    • Both side: The car sticker artwork is viewed from outside and inside of the car
Please do not apply any sharp objects during installation.
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