product specification
MP101 MP103 MP104

Premium Packing
printing full color (4C)
print side single
actual size MP101 : 154mm x 79.5mm
MP103 : 79.5mm x 154mm
MP104 : 167mm x 85mm

open size MP101 : 170.5mm x 189.5mm
MP103 : 179mm x 197.5mm
MP104 : 181.5mm x 203.5mm

~ 2mm bleeding for all edge
material 130gsm art paper
140gsm Linen
quantity 2,500pcs / 5,000pcs / 10,000pcs / 15,000pcs / 20,000pcs / 25,000pcs / 30,000pcs / 40,000pcs / 50,000pcs / 60,000pcs / 70,000pcs / 80,000pcs / 90,000pcs / 100,000pcs

* for quantity more than 100,000pcs, please request for quotation.

finishing die cutting

compusory finishing hot stamping (gold)
packing 5pcs / packet**, 8pcs / packet, 10pcs / packet
* same design only.

file format (.ai)   (.pdf)   (.cdr)

process duration 4 working days :
   100pcs ~ 500pcs

5 working days :
   600pcs ~ 100,000pcs

8 working days :
   110,000pcs ~ 200,000pcs

+ 3 working days :
   600pcs ~ 200,000pcs
   Order with hot stamping
   ~ Additional 1 working day for every additional 10,000pcs.
cut-off time 5:00 p.m.

  1. Reminder: Hot Stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of money packets. Hence, member shall notice this risk and XPRINT shall not be held responsible for the stamping mark on the back.
  2. The folding pressure may cause slight paper cracks along the folding line. These cracks will look more noticeable on solid colors. XPRINT shall not be held responsible for this unavoidable after-effect.

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